yet another HTML5 Presentation Assembler

What is slideshow.html?

slideshow.html is the result of running ./watch on your terminal

watch is a ruby script that monitors a folder

This folder contains:

  • A master.html file where you set your new presentation title + other optional confs
  • One sliden.html.partial file for each slide (where you write the content of the slides)
  • CSS, JS, images and other assets you may want to add

slideshow.html is just a compiled file with all these data

What is slideshow.html?

So, you need Ruby to create your presentation,

but not to present or publish it

(and you don't have to know anything about ruby)

Every time you make a change in one of your slides,

the slideshow.html file gets updated

It even automatically refreshes the tab in your browser


Check how this slide's code looks like:


  <p class="action">Check how this slide's code looks like:</p>

  <style scoped>
    #slide5 p {
      font-size: 35px;

In short

Write your slides in HTML and style them with CSS (or Less)

The master slide and a directory called ./lib contain all what's needed to:

  • convert your slides into a presentation
  • advance through the presentation with a mouse, keyboard or finger-swipe
  • render animations and handle window resizing

(but you don't need to bother with that)

Just do like if you were making a web page

Then get your remote control & go fullscreen

thank you for watching

This wouldn’t be possible without the following Open Source projects

HTML5 Slideshow
by Rob Flaherty the main library used for slideshow.html

by Martin Kool

by Martin Aumont (and others)

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An example slideshow